Research group


Emile Bouaziz (2023–)


Ching-En Lin (2023–)
Master's student at NTHU, coadvised by Shin-Yaw Jow
Hung-Chun Yu (2022–23)
NCTS Research Assistant
Riemann-Roch theorem using Adams operations


Fall 2023, co-organized with Chun-Ju Lai.


Alexandre Minets (2023-11-6 – 2023-12-5)
University of Edinburgh
Charanya Ravi (2023-12-14 – 2023-12-27)
Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore Centre

Supporting grants

NSTC 112-2628-M-001-0062030 International Outstanding Young Scholars (2023–2027)
Microlocalization, quantization, and critical invariants in algebraic geometry
AS-CDA-112-M01 Career Development Award (2023–2027)
Specialization and microlocalization in derived algebraic geometry
2021 NCTS Young Scientist Award (2022–2023)
NSTC 110-2115-M-001-016-MY3 (2021–2024)
Virtual fundamental classes and derived microlocalization